Wellesley Girl

April 13–29, 18th and Union

West Coast Premiere

By Brendan Pelsue
Directed by Bobbin Ramsey

The year is 2465, and little remains of the United States. For the few survivors living inside a walled citadel, politics carries on as usual - with all the pageantry and partisanship of an old government that is now a distant memory. But when an opposing army shows up at their gates, the citizens of the new United States are confronted with the most important decision of their lives. With political grandstanding, personal sacrifice, and a love triangle with a robot, Wellesley Girl asks us all to confront the question: what if your vote could truly determine the future of the country?

18th & Union: an arts space
1406 18th Avenue, Seattle WA 98122

Photos by Colby Wood