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“when a writer intent on inventive storytelling responds subtly to the electromagnetic pull of the zeitgeist, timeliness comes to you.”

”...a whirlwind of talented actors...a noble undertaking performed with great skill and verve that provides the audience with some unique morning entertainment and an excellent meal.”

”Director Bobbin Ramsey again shows herself capable of smartly managing a complicated production...”

“BrechtFest tackles challenging and heavy topics in an innovative and entertaining manner”

”The acting is extraordinary. These are fearless young performers, lithe and energetic, who flit from character to character, room to room, and even genre to genre with what seems like effortlessness.”

”...cohesive, devastating, and absolutely unforgettable.”

”It’s been a few years since a young new theater company burst onto the scene, making people sit up and take notice. Attempts on Her Life is a bracing hello. I’m already impatient to see what the Horse in Motion will do next.”