Directed by Julia Sears

April 12–29 | The Stimson-Green Mansion


War is approaching and there is turmoil within. When faced with a moment of moral crisis, the actions we take - or don’t take - define us. In this immersive, multi-room staging of Hamlet, two actors take on each character, as identities are cracked apart, stories diverge and intersect, and the consequences of our actions are laid terrifyingly bare.

Tickets on sale March 1

Ian Bond
Katherine Bicknell
Kevin Lin
Jocelyn Maher
Anjelica McMillan
Nic Morden
Mario Orallo-Molinaro
Tatiana Pavela
Ben Phillips
Hannah Ruwe
Laura Steele

Production Team:
Julia Sears
Mary Hubert
Linnea Ingalls
Beau Castillo
Kayla Imrisek
Mitchell Helton
Jenn Oaster
Ryan Dunn
Alex Potter
Bryce Bartl-Geller
Bobbin Ramsey


During the show, audience members will be required to climb up and down several flights of stairs and stand for extended periods of time. Please contact us with other accessibility questions so we can make arrangements.

Due to the immersive nature of the show, there will be no late seating.


Free parking is available at the Stimson-Green Mansion.

A small amount of tickets and a waitlist will be available at the door each night.