An Interview with Kelleen Conway Blanchard

Next up, we have Kelleen Conway Blanchard! Kelleen is a playwright whose work has been produced at theaters all over Seattle including Annex Theatre, Pony World, Seattle Playwright’s Collective, and the 14/48 Festival. We picked her brain about her experience writing a play based on Craigslist.

NM: What are you working on for IRL: Craigslist?

KCB: I am writing for the Buy/Sell part of craigslist. A section that is filled with heartache, swindles and a lot of free fill dirt. I wrote a play about a ring. A potent item- filled with meaning. This charged transaction leads to greater understanding between two very different women and also some helpful household hints!

NM: Have you been having success finding material on Craigslist?

KCB: Craigslist is a tunnel of need and greed. You can find anything. But, it's mostly broken and over priced. Also, IKEA is not vintage.

NM: Have you personally ever used Craigslist before?

KCB: I don't much do the Craigslist because I don't have endless time to swan around the suburbs overpaying for futons. That said, sometimes there is a treasure. And that's how they get you.

NM: Is there an Internet trend that you couldn’t live without? Are there any trends that you refuse to take part in?

KCB: I enjoy the Internet. I like controlling my interactions with other people while still being the extremely nosy busybody that I am. It's efficient. I use FB and Tumblr and Instagram and whatnot. I don't really dig Twitter. It's not my bag. I try but… why again?