An Interview with Andrew Creech

HR: What are you working on for IRL: Craigslist?

AC: I am writing a short 10-12 minute play about housing for IRL: Craigslist. With rent and homelessness skyrocketing, many of us have had to deal with some sort of housing fiasco nowadays . My piece looks to explore the race to get the perfect place. How can it bring out the ugliest side of people? Especially when you throw factors of race, class, and privilege into the mix, how does that competition manifest itself? What happens when that need to satisfy a level on Maslow's Hierarchy awakens something deep within us that perhaps, we never realized laid dormant the entire time?

HR: Have you been having success finding material on Craigslist? Any particularly notable posts or surprises you've stumbled across?

AC: Yes, with an entity such as Craigslist that updates hourly, there's a never-ending supply of material and entertainment. One of my favorite's being a cheap room for rent. The description in the post was pretty scarce, with mainly location and a contact by the name of "Moe.' The picture that was attached to the post was a sad, bare, dreary-looking room with a broken mirror leaning against the wall. I feel like there might have been a random extension cord running on the floor as well. I thought to myself, "Well, Moe certainly is quite the salesperson, aren't they?" It was also great because it looked like a place that Moe the bartender from The Simpsons would live in. It gave me a good chuckle.

HR: Have you personally ever used Craigslist before?

AC: I've definitely apartment hunted before on Craigslist. I also bought my bed from someone on CL. I haven't hopped on many deals, but I'm constantly looking--that's part of the hunt.

HR: Is there an internet trend that you couldn’t live without? Are there any trends that you refuse to take part in?

AC: I mean, sites like YouTube and Vimeo have become the premiere places for independent artists, musicians, and filmmakers to get their art out to the world. They've also opened up backdoors for producing content that goes against the Hollywood mold of star-powered reboots and sequels. On top of all that, it provides fantastic entertainment and has a gigantic wealth of information. Having said all that...memes. I will NEVER tire of memes. NEVER. The trends I don't get down on though? The Instagrams and your Snapchats. Not for me.