An Interview with Jay Silver

HR: So Jay—what are you working on for IRL: Craigslist?

JS: I am working on a song. My topic was "Gigs" which was cool because I just went through a year of many interesting gigs. I did a lot of performances this year here in Seattle as well as going on my first national tour, just came off of that this past Labor Day weekend in Miami, which was a good time. Gigs can apply to a lot of different things in my genre specifically in music, which when you get a gig, it could be a job, it could be a short stint… it can means many things.

HR: What kind of music do you produce?

JS: I produce a wide range of music. Everyone would want to categorize me as “rap” however, I like to consider myself an artist. I do like to sing as well, I like R&B, I can go country, I have done rock. I just want to put out sonic art. I can’t draw! So just sonic art.

HR: Do you have personal experiences with Craigslist?

JS: Yeah! I purchased a car off there a couple years ago.

HR: How’d that go?

JS: Uh.. it died in a couple months. The heater overheats so the radiator was messed up which was a quick fix but other things too like the transmission and the engine light was popping up and I just thought, you know, I’m going to sell this and I got my money quickly back. Some furniture, other small things, Craigslist, you know, helps out. Would never recommend getting any wooden home pieces of furniture… You should get those new. Don’t use Craigslist for that.

HR: So any crazy stories from Craigslist?

JS: I’ve never tried to meet anyone off Craigslist so my experiences are pretty limited to furniture mostly.

HR: When I think of Craigslist, I think of the laundry list of things that are suddenly accessible to us. Can you talk a little about what you think the pros and cons are of accessibility?

JS: The pros are that everything is at our fingertips. We as humans in advancement through time, we just want everything now now now, we’re greedy, to be honest. And so it’s made it easier. Accessibility - that’s the key word. Everything is just right there. As long as you have the funds, you order it quickly or you can bargain with the person. But then also it’s dangerous because… I want to relate it to, I guess you can meet people or you can get jobs off of it, however, you have to wary about it because the internet does allow for things to be misleading, because you don’t know who is behind that screen. I guess in terms of meeting people, you should always be cautious, you bring a group of friends or backup, I don’t know. It’s a dangerous world out there so it provides a smoke screen for those who are trying to use it maliciously. Other than that, the internet is great, Craigslist in particular. Amazon too.

HR: Is there an internet fad that you participate in?

JS: Twitter is one of my favorite ones. Twitter is more about free thought and then just more relaxed than Facebook. Facebook I guess you can put your opinion on too, and Instagram, but Twitter I feel like, people care less so I like it. I don’t really get on the internet too much which is interesting working in this field. I have to be on the internet daily to promote and push my online stuff, as I’m on iTunes, Spotify, everything.

Jay Silver is one of two musicians creating an original song for IRL: Craigslist using the topic "Gigs" from Craigslist.